Monday, February 8, 2021


To Students & Parents/Guardians,

 This will most likely be my last post (unless we need to come back in the future). 

Please finish as many assignments as you can on here. I will keep checking in. 

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Monday, February 1, 2021

ELA - February 1-5/21

Superhero Powers!

Read aloud 

Listen and watch the YouTube video, Ten Rules of Being A superhero! 
Written and illustrated by Deb Pilutti.

Then do the assignment below.

Online Assignment:

Reading Comprehension

There are 2 stories. 
Pick one story you are comfortable reading and do the assignment.   

Story 1 - Heros in the Sky
Story 2 - To the Rescue

MATH - February 1-5/21

 Want to wake up the brain? Try out this thinker.... 🤔

  Click here ↴ or here →Which one doesn't belong?

For the next couple weeks, we are focusing on Fractions:

Outcome N 5.5 - Demonstrate an understanding of fractions by using concrete and pictorial representations to:
  • create sets of equivalent fractions
  • compare fractions with like and unlike denominators.


A Numerator is the number of parts we have;
A Denominator is the total parts in whole. 

This video also explains Parts of a fraction ↴

Online Assignment:

ELA Project - February 1/21

 Oral Story Project!

Checkout the poster and if you need help recording yourself, watch Ms. Mari's 'How to' video below 


You could win a PRIZE!! 

These are your expectations ↴

**Remember to send to my email at

Monday, January 25, 2021

Chromebook Information

 Good Day Parents, Guardians and Students!!


Chromebook distribution will begin tomorrow for Chief Taylor School,

Tuesday, January 26, 2021 will be for Grade 7's
Wednesday, January 27, 2021 will be Grade 6's
Thursday, January 28 will be for Grade 5's

We will need a $20.00 cash deposit (that you will get back in June) and both the student and a parent/guardian. There will be information given to both the parent and student and also an agreement to be signed. So come on by and pick up a chromebook and chat with your child's teacher. 

If you have a child in Grade 7 and hasn't picked up their school check in December, or their gift, those can also be picked up...
We will also be doing door prizes
Ay Hiy and we hope to see you all within the next few days!!

MATH - January 25-29/21

 This week we are focusing on Identify, create, and analyze single transformations of 2-D shapes (with and without the use of technology). (SS5.7)

Single Transformations of 2-D shapes reflection

Reflection:  When a shape is reflected in a mirror we see a reflection image.  The line segment that joins a point to its image is perpendicular to the line of reflection.  A shape and its image have opposite orientations, or face opposite ways.  A reflection is sometimes called a flip because when a shape is reflected, it is flipped over.

Click on link to practice Drawing Reflections:

Practice drawing reflections on a piece of paper.  Take a picture of your drawings and send them to or text images to 306-307-7443

Single transformations of 2-D shapes rotations

 When we rotate an image, we turn a shape on a point of rotation.  We can turn or rotate the image clockwise or counterclockwise.  The point of rotation will be on one of the vertices of the shape.

Think about the hands on a clock.  When the minute hand moves from the 12 to the 3, it rotates a quarter turn clockwise.

When the minute hand moves from the 12 to the 6, It rotates a half turn clockwise.

When the minute hand move from the 12 to the 9, it rotates a three-quarter turn.

Please click the link below to watch how to rotate objects:

Now that you have seen how to do rotations, on a piece of paper draw a triangle.  Label the vertices A, B and C.  Rotate the triangle a half turn clockwise, and label the vertices on the image.

Draw a square and label the vertices A, B, C and D.  Rotate the square 3/4 turn clockwise and label the image and its vertices.

Draw a shape (not a circle) of your choice. Choose a vertex to rotate your shape 1/4 turn counterclockwise.  Label your image and the vertices.  

Once you have finished, take a picture and email or text the picture to or 306-307-7443.

Single transformations of 2-D shapes - translations

 A translation is like a slide.  An object slides from one spot to another.  It does not change size, doesn't flip, and doesn't change direction.  It stays exactly the same, sliding from one spot to another.  Think of when you go down a slide on the playground.  The picture below shows examples of translations, or slides.

Watch the video below to see how to translate shapes.

After watching the video, on a piece of paper draw 3 shapes of your choice.  Translate them to a new spot.  Once you have finished, take a picture and email or text the picture to or 306-307-7443.

ELA - January 25-29/21


This week we will beginning a new unit: Hero's (Personal and Philosophical)

Unit is focused on what makes a hero and how hero's make a difference, students will explore and learn about First Nations hero's, current events and roles heroes are playing in society. 

Watch the following introductory read aloud which is a celebration of Indigenous Hero's titled "Go Show the World" written by Wab Kinew 

Online Assignments:


Synonym means a word that has the same meaning as another word. For example, “Small” and “little” are synonyms.

Synonyms Poster

Online Assignments: